Who Are We


BAGUS (Building All Groundups for Success) Together is a tripartite collaboration between the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Temasek Foundation and Tote Board. With their support, NVPC’s existing Groundup Central, founded in 2018, will collaborate with other partners and lead the BAGUS Together initiative.

The initiative aims to rally the ecosystem to work collaboratively to support and help potential changemakers and groundups start and sustain their initiatives through fostering collaboration, ease of access to resources, networks and other forms of support.

Through BAGUS Together, the intent is to establish a first-stop platform and create a safe space for changemakers to come together and create magic. It will be a space where groundups, volunteers, corporate or government partners, and other good people, meet to supercharge one another’s efforts for our communities and deepen their impact.

BAGUS Together supports the spirit of active citizenry and celebrates groundups for the significant role they play in our community. We invite you to reimagine possibilities of good with us, and join us so that collectively, we can strengthen our communities and support for one another, because real change starts from the ground.

What is a Groundup?

Groundups are a group of people who have come together voluntarily...


To carry out a self-organised project or initiative...


That benefits the community.


They’re also not for profit, nor registered organisations.

The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower . The Fire To Do Good Is Your Superpower .

It Started As

Groundup Central in 2018, when a team of good people came together to add value to the many different groups of trailblazers in Singapore trying to make a positive impact in their communities. 

We call these powerful initiatives “groundups”. 

What drives us? To give groups like yours the resources you need to make sure the help you want to give reaches the people you want to help.

Over the years, our community has grown, and so have our resources (good news for you!), and the ways we can help. Today, we’re humbled to call ourselves BAGUS Together – because alone, you could help a community, but together, we could change the world. Let’s go!

Hey, you!

Are you a groundup looking for support? Or someone looking to collaborate and connect with the BAGUS ecosystem? Let’s talk.