Do It Like a Pro

Life gets easier when you’ve already got a roadmap paved by the pros. Here are some of the tested and proven groundup templates to make things smoother.

GU Handbook.png
"Leading from the Groundup" Handbook

How do you start and run a groundup? What are some key factors that are important in starting and running a successful groundup? Need help navigating resources in the groundup space? Click here to download the digital copy of NVPC’s handbook ‘Leading from the ground up’, a curated guide with tips, tricks, and links to various resources that will help guide you in starting, running, and scaling a successful groundup.

GU Activity Book.png
Groundup Activity Handbook

An activity book that complements the insights gained from our handbook, Leading from the ground up. In it, you will find various templates and activities you can do with your team to guide you in growing, sustaining and thriving in your groundup journey.

Volunteer indemnity & non-disclosure.png

with support from Rajah & Tann Singapore

Volunteer onboarding is usually an informal process in groundups to keep things simple and accessible. But certain situations call for a more formal process, and this template can help you set clear expectations and mitigate legal risks when working with volunteers, especially when dealing with confidential data, so that you can delegate with confidence. 

Collaboration Agreement.png

with support from Rajah & Tann Singapore

Find yourself having to draft a collaboration agreement to seal that potential partnership with a larger, more formal organisation? This template helps you to do just that, giving you a foundation to get started as you consider the various points of the agreement.

How to write a creative brief.jpg

Making Meaning

Groundups often require the support of creatives as volunteers, but they may be unsure about how best to explain the help they need. If you're facing the same problem, here's a template to write concise and crystal-clear creative briefs that will ensure you and your creative are on the same page.

Social Media Content Calendar Template Visual 1.jpg

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Looking to build and maintain presence on social media for your groundup? This template provides you with the fundamentals to get started with the monthly planning of the frequency and types of content to effectively engage your audience.


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

A quick one-page overview of the community journey, this canvas can be used by both developers and members to look at your groundup community's goals and activities as well as their thoughts and feelings at each stage of their journey. Ideas and areas for improvement can be generated in this collaborative process, developing a holistic insight into the overall processes of your groundup community.


National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Designed as a reflective guide, this journal allows you to take stock of current practices in your groundup community to better understand your members' experience and areas of improvement. It maps, outlines, and segments each stage of the community experience: from how members first learn about and join the community, to their development and participation, and finally their exit or sustained relationship as alumni.

Donation Tracking Sheet.png

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Have donations coming in and struggling to find a way to keep tabs on all of them? Here's a simple template to help you track all the funds your team has raised.

Finance Tracking Sheet.png

National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre

Struggling to keep an eye over your finances, especially with various sources of funding? This finance tracking sheet will give you a quick overview of your finances, keeping you accountable to all your funders and grant providers!


Singapore Kindness Movement

So you want to change the world? Get started with Singapore Kindness Movement's Ground-up Movement e-Playbook! It's a comprehensive guide filled with useful info and case studies - from establishing your groundup to pitching it, event planning to marketing, and more!